Is This Normal? Spirit Naming Ceremony: my strange behaviors that followed

About a month ago, I decided to dedicate myself to spirit.  I read several articles describing how to perform a group full moon spirit naming ceremony and decided I was ready to be reborn.  A friend of mine, named Tracy, told me that it did not have to be in a formal group type ceremony, I could dedicate myself.  I was excited about that idea, mainly because I tend to keep my spiritual life private.                                  (At the end of this article, I have provided more information on how I performed this ceremony.)

After my ceremony I was elated I had so much energy, I felt so much love and peace, I could go on and on about how fabulous I felt the next several days following my dedication, but I won’t.   As the moon continued to wane, the over the top feelings I had slowly disappeared and I felt grounded again.   Except, I was having issues with the normal things in my everyday life, but I did not really pay attention to it initially.

First, there was language.  I am a complete sailor mouth. I can make true sailormen feel feminine from the large number of 4-letter words that flow out of my mouth.  The “F-bomb” was like putting icing on a cake for me, no kidding.  I do not feel like words defined who a person is they are simply personal preference of self-expression.  Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable hearing or using vulgarities. Huh, ok maybe a little weird, but not too alarming.

Next, I started to feel nauseous when I would eat food.   That did not really seem like anything, until I started to cringe when I cooked meat, smelled meat, and saw meat.  That progressed into throwing up after I would force myself to eat meat, any type of meat, my list of cringe included: cooked eggs, luncheon meat, fish, chicken, pork, and beef.  Stop! No way, I am a meat eater for life; I want to eat bacon, and tuna fish.  I never once wanted to change the way I eat for my spiritual life style; in fact, I remember stating I would never be a vegetarian, because I refuse to give up meat.   So far, I can still eat shrimp, hard cheese, and of course, everything else that is not meat.  Oh, in case it crossed your mind, I am Not Pregnant.

Finally, I am a natural empath, and I have always felt and known things my entire life, but the pain and discomfort I feel now is so intense I remove myself from negative people, because it makes me feel awful,  and I know how they feel and what they think about me.  I felt this before, but it is multiplied to the twentieth power and it happens faster now like almost instantly.

Everything that has changed in me over this past month are things that I had no desire to change, but clearly spirit did.  So, before you dedicate yourself to spirit, remember you are allowing spirit to choose what is right for spirit without regard to what you want.  Honestly, I am grateful for the changes spirit is making; I know they are for my benefit as well as the benefit of all in the universe.  I feel so much closer to spirit; it is a bond like none I can describe.

I am confident this is normal for many persons on their spiritual path.  I have never heard or read about this, but I am certain it is documented somewhere; I just could not locate it.  So, I decided to write about it to help someone that maybe looking for validation.  It is my hope that if someone has had personal experiences, knows of books or websites relating to this topic please post them in the comments section. Thank you & Blessings to all.

More About My Private Spirit Naming Ceremony:

The gist of my private ceremony, I did it from memory and allowed my spirit to lead me through. However, there are four things that you will need if you decide to do a private ceremony of your own:

  1. A full moon night
  2. Take a cleansing bath/shower using homemade cleansing soap (you can buy at a spiritual store) before you begin your ceremony.
  3. Have a name picked out for your spirit, traditionally Egyptian, Arabic, Greek, Native American, and many other ancestry/ancient names are used, but any name that holds value to you, even a name that you make-up  is fine.
  4. Words that state what you are doing. I strongly encourage you to make these words your own.  This is your spiritual ceremony and your individual journey, but I provide you with an example for inspiration and you can add to take away or use it as is. Example:  While looking up at the full moon say the following: under this full moon, I dedicate myself to spirit.  From this day forward, I strive to live in my spirit and not in my ego. I strive to live in love, truth, compassion, honor, humility, mirth, reverence, and peace.  I am reborn to spirit which I name:  say your spirit name,  I am: Repeat your spirit name ,  I am: Repeat your spirit name,  I am: Repeat your spirit name.

Note: I read an article by Slade Roberson that mentioned the significance of saying words 3 times when calling upon your spirit guides, so I too practice that in my spiritual work, hence I repeated my spirit name 3 times in my ritual, it is a personal choice.

**I am not as rigid on technique as others are, but I do understand and respect that some people prefer an actual ritualistic ceremony.  That said, the information provided about spirit naming ceremonies and related content are from information that I gathered from trusted sources.

I did not write down any of the sites that I used because I never thought I would be writing a blog sharing my personal experience with anyone else.

Sorry, but I will make sure that I start keeping a list of sites that I love or prove to be a great resource for psychic-spiritualist.  There is a wealth of information on the web about this subject, I encourage you to research it on your own**


About karitzme

I have been a psychic-spiritualist for 8 years and I have worked as a counselor for over 9 years. I am a work in progress; my spiritual journey is incomplete. However, I feel lead to share my knowledge with all that are seeking understanding and validation from a like-minded spirit providing information you, or someone you know, need at this time. Information that will assist you in a positive way on your spiritual path.
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